Our Story

Our Story

Our Story…

A long long time ago in a land far away… There lived a couple of cute, young, Jesus loving girls who became friends…..

We spent our time loving life on the beaches of Hawaii, working hard to make a living, loving our Hope Chapel church family and becoming more and more like sisters as the years went on.

We have been each other’s roommates, bridesmaids, birth coaches, babysitters, advisors, confidant and always a shoulder to cry on.  We have leaned on each other in illness and trials.  For a couple decades we did life together, never living too far away, raising our kids like cousins and forever sharing meals, desserts, snacks and a never ending stream of recipes.


Because…. well… people need to eat!  We loved learning new ways to be healthy and trying new recipes and tricks and ways to feed our families delicious food that would delight and nourish.


life has changed and we now find ourselves in different states where our homes measure almost exactly one thousand miles apart!  (Hence the name of this little blog).  But even through the miles we have found ways to still share life and food and faith from a distance.  Road trips every summer will find us all together again, cooking for a small army and thrilled to be doing it in the same kitchen, live and in person in the midst of all the chaos that is our lives.

Becky is now the mother of 6 beautiful children ranging from 5 to 19 years old.  She and her husband have a small hobby farm in Colorado where they raise goats and rabbits and homeschooled their little troop.

Rohnda lives in the suburbs of Minneapolis

with her husband and 3 kids, 15, 17 & 19.  Her kids attend school and her youngest is severely autistic, making for some challenging days and amazing blessings all wrapped into one!

We are different in many ways and the same in so many. We don’t agree on everything but have never fought about anything.  Just so thankful for this lifelong friendship and for phones and internet and flights and long car rides that keep us together.

Our daily conversations often drift into “what’s for dinner” topics and after years of cooking and sharing recipes we often make some of the same things.  We have noticed that most of our food conversation include a story or a person!  That is the way food used to be shared.  Before the internet there was real people that had favorite recipes passed from person to person.

Like the time Gina made that Honey Curry Chicken dish that we all loved and had to have the recipe for. Or the Cinnamon Bread that Lisa used to make every year for Chistmas.


That time when the church ladies brought meals after having a baby and we just had to have that recipe for Kirsten’s Lemon Potatoes or the Turkey Picadillo.

We used to have play dates will Ellen and she made these amazing Flax Seed Muffins….

Do you see what we mean?  Food Stories!  They are beautiful and delicious and often a reminder of someone that held a special place in our home and our lives.  These are stories that need to be shared and we know that you will love every bite!

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